Company Profile

Hindustan Semiconductors Ltd. is founded by a group of young ambitious professionals specializing in various sectors of Electronics like, product design and development, Automation, custom-built electronic systems, various applications of LED Displays, etc.

Established in year 2007, HSL has received the Certificate of Commencement of Business on 8th May 2008 from Registrar Of Companies.

HSL is planning a sophisticated and fully automatic LED (Light Emitting Diode) plant at Sawlapur 5 Kms from Arvi, District Wardha in progressive Maharashtra. The nearest Airport is Nagpur, approximately 115Km by road. The plant location is 16 Km off National Highway No. 6, between Nagpur and Amaravati. The company has purchased a 640,500 sq ft land for its proposed plant to be built in Three Phases. The first phase is expected to be operational by the end of this year .

The state-of-the-art plant will only be a plant in India which has got the capacity of over 10,000,000 pieces per Month in first phase. HSL has entered in an Agreement with VNIT, Nagpur for full time project consultancy with respect to Capital Equipment purchase and its implementation. These equipments include LED Wafer Sorter, Die Bonding Machines, Wire Binding Machines, Molding Machines, Singulation Machine, etc. These are imported from countries like, Singapore, Germany and Holland.

The first phase of the plant shall consist of an Admin Block of 8000 sq ft, shop floor area of 4000 sq ft, Stores of 4000 sq ft, R&D of 500 sq ft and a Class 1000 Clean Room of 3000 sq ft. A Guest House of 3500 sq ft shall be built in the same premises for the designated visitors to the plant.

The end product i.e. LED shall be broadly categorized as Normal LEDs, LEDs for Automotives and LEDs for Lighting purpose. Initially 50% of the capacity shall be utilized for Normal LEDs, 30% for Lighting and remaining 20% for Automotive sector. Afterwards the requirement may change as per the Market requirement. The Board of Directors includes the eminent personalities with the highest qualifications in the field of Electronics.

The Chief Promoter, Mr. Ajay Kadam, is associated with LED field since last 15 years.The other promoters are as experienced as the chief and engaged in the field of R&D.

Our Mission

To open a new door of opportunities and technology in rural India therby generating enterprenuership as well as employment and help to create an energy efficient and environment friendly Semiconductor Manufacturing Hub in INDIA.